We Are a Finnish IT Company Specialized in Practical Privacy and Encryption Applications

PrivateOn Desktop is a fully encrypted, zero-knowledge virtual desktop service that makes it easy to use virtual Linux computer from everywhere, in your browser - your privacy guaranteed.

Our background

Tietosuojakone Oy is a Finnish IT specialist company that was founded in 2013. We consist of Linux, coding and finance professionals. We are open source and bitcoin enthusiasts and we believe that people have a right to their privacy and internet security. The objective of Tietosuojakone Oy is to create products and services in order to maintain privacy and security.

Our unique service has been created from a genuine need, as our customers have been concerned of the increasing prevalence of network monitoring . We have found that privacy is becoming a luxury, and we want to enable it for everyone. Achieving privacy and encrypting data, nowadays, might require familiarity and good IT skills. We have combined a completely unique expert-level data security and protection solution in to an easy-to-use Plug ‘n Play solution.

PrivateOn Laptop & Product Develoment

Tietosuojakone Oy carries out its own product development and our first own software was the PrivateOn VPN management software, built for openSUSE. The program is integrated as part of the PrivateOn Laptop, our first actual product aimed for Finnish consumers and business users. The software enables our customers to easily manage the VPN connections of the PrivateOn laptop.

The PrivateOn VPN software is open source and the source code is available on GitHub’s website, github.com/privateon The program is coded in Perl programming language.

PrivateOn Laptop, being our first product, is combination of Linux and Windows. The PrivateOn Laptop has two computers in one package – the public, unencrypted Windows and the hidden, encrypted and data protected Linux.

Combining two operating systems (Linux and Windows), as well as a bootable USB key as part of the computer’s start-up is complex, and this is the result of our product development. Technically, this concerns terminology, such as UEFI, Secure Boot, BIOS, EFI boot, LUKS header, Linux kernel etc. The installation process is a special know-how of ours and the end result is a unique expert-level data protection solution.

PrivateOn Desktop

PrivateOn Desktop is a fully encrypted, zero-knowledge virtual desktop service that makes it easy to use virtual Linux computer from everywhere, in your browser – your privacy guaranteed. 

Your data remains encrypted in the cloud and most importantly, only you have access to the encryption keys. We can’t read your files, nor would we want to. Because it’s your data. And it’s your computer.

PrivateOn Desktop was launched as a beta-version in late 2016. Our main focus is to develop PrivateOn Desktop service further and we continue to work on towards privacy, usability and security. We strongly believe everyone should be able to enjoy virtual desktop without giving up their right to privacy.

Technical details – PrivateOn Desktop

  • Clientless remote desktop gateway based on Guacamole.
  • The desktop is usable with laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Automatic VPN connection for additional privacy – your visible IP changes every 4 hours.
  • Multimedia Desktop enables fast rdp connection that is optimized for video and sound transfer.
  • Professional Desktop includes custom VPN connection using our custom graphical tool.*
  • Re-encrypt and change encryption password with our custom re-encryption tool.*
  • KVM based full virtualization.
  • Extensive control panel with noVNC console.
  • Encrypted full-backup of your desktop to a secure location. You can select to destroy the past backups by shredding the encryption key.

* Our software is open sourced and publicly reviewable



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