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What is PrivateOn Desktop?

PrivateOn Desktop is a Linux virtual desktop provider focused on simplifying web and technical infrastructure for common people customers. As a customer, you can use your ready-made and encrypted virtual Linux computer from any modern browser.

What are PrivateOn Desktop's key advantages?
  • Uniqueness – PrivateOn Desktop offers very unique virtual desktop experience. As a customer, you can use various Linux computers in your browser, where ever you are
  • Privacy and encryption – We don’t keep any logs. All connections are end-to-end encrypted, starting from your browser to our servers (TLS) and from our servers to public internet (VPN & Tor). Additionally, you can create encrypted persistent volumes (Privacy Desktop) or even encrypt the whole virtual computer (Multimedia & Professional Desktops).
  • No installations needed – the desktop is purely clientless and can be used with any modern browser
Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do! Customers can refer their friends and earn affiliate income in account credits or payout. Click here to learn more about how our referral program works.


What form of payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Bitcoin and most common credit cards via PayPal’s service. Bitcoin is our preferred payment method due to its simplicity and privacy.

Do you offer a free trial?

Currently we don’t offer any free trials. However, please feel free to try for example Privacy Desktop for 48 hours, the cost for this is very reasonable. Please see Pricing for more details.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can manage your own account and subscriptions in Billing section of Client Area. You can also reach our support for further assistance.

Privacy & Security

Do you log data or which data do you store?

Do we log, keep logs, protocol surfing behaviors or record content, visited websites, customers’ files or IP addresses of our users? No!
PrivateOn is a privacy-focused company and has a strict no logging policy. PrivateOn does not track or monitor user activities while connected to their Desktop, so your online activity is always secure and private. For more details, view the Privacy Policy. Whenever you shut down your computer, your data will remain encrypted and only accessible by you.

Can I sign up anonymously?

Yes you can. When you sign up, we will only ask you to provide your valid email address upon signing up. We encourage you to use Bitcoin (instead of PayPal or credit cards) as a payment method in order to protect your privacy.

What is encrypted persistent volume?

PrivateOn Privacy Desktop is based on live Tails operating system. However, you have a possibility to create a persistent volume. Persistent volume is an encrypted partition protected by your own passphrase. Once the persistent volume is created, you can choose to activate it or not each time you start Tails.

You can use this persistent volume to store different kinds of files:

  • your personal files and working documents
  • the software packages that you download and install in Tails
  • the configuration of the programs you use
  • your encryption keys

When you utilize persistent volume, you will do encryption yourself and only you will have encryption keys and passphrase We won’t have any access to the content of your encrypted persistent volume. This means we cannot hand over your data to third parties. This also means that if you forget your decryption password, we cannot recover your data.


What kind of computer is virtual computer?

Imagine that you are using your personal computer remotely. Your browser acts as a screen and the actual computer is located elsewhere. Each virtual computer contains dual-core processor, 2/4 GB of memory and 5/10 GB of hard disk space for your personal files and content. You can install software, personalize your computer, work remotely and even re-encrypt the whole computer, so nobody can have any access to your files.

What is virtual desktop?

Traditional commercial VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions are usually based on Citrix or Microsoft or other commercial solutions and usually require plugins or installation. PrivateOn Desktop’s unique platform is based on open source solutions and requires no plugins and no installation. With virtual desktop you can access your own remote computer and your own personal files basically from any modern browser, from office, from coffee shop, from library, while travelling etc.

Do you offer any backups?

Yes, we do. PrivateOn offers two kinds of backups: snapshots and backups. Snapshots can be done at any time, while automated backups runs every couple of days. Automated backups are extra feature with additional cost. Backups are encrypted and located physically in another jurisdiction within EU. You can select to destroy the past backups by shredding the encryption key.

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