PrivateOn Desktop Features

Fully encrypted, zero-knowledge virtual desktop in your browser

Security & Privacy

Zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption

Your virtual computer and your files are encrypted, safe and secure. 256-bit AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA and SSL and TLS ensure your peace of mind. Only you have access to your computer and files.

Encrypted backup in another data center

Your whole virtual computer, including your files and installations, is automatically encrypted and backed up in another physical data center. You can also shred your back-up data manually, so your data will never be compromised.

Certified, secure data centers within EU

Our servers are located in the EU, protected with high-quality physical security and disaster prevention systems. Backup servers are located in separate location, minimizing physical risks. User data is protected under Finnish and German privacy laws.

Signing up anonymously

You can sign up and use your virtual desktop completely anonymously. We will only ask you to provide your valid email address upon signing up. We accept Bitcoin for anonymous payments. Your privacy is our priority.

Real Computer in Your Browser – Use Anywhere

Not a traditional virtual desktop

Traditional commercial VDI solutions are based on Citrix, Microsoft and usually require plugins or installation. PrivateOn Desktop’s unique platform is based on open source solutions and requires no plugins, no installation. Just a modern web browser.

Access you private secure computer from anywhere

Access your encrypted private virtual Linux computer from any PC, laptop, Mac. Access your private files from office, from coffee shop, from library, while travelling. No plugins, no installation. In less than 30 seconds.

Real computer in your browser

Personalize your desktop, install your own software, save and store your personal and work files. Everything in encrypted cloud. Use your computer from any modern browser, just like you were sitting in front of it.

Privacy Tools and Secure Connections

Encrypted VPN connections

We want you to stay private online. All traffic to public internet goes through encrypted VPN tunnel. Your browsing is secure and your IP is hidden. The VPN provider we use respects users’ privacy.

Secure encrypted storage for your files and data

Access your sensitive work files and documents from any modern browser. Store your files on encrypted virtual HDD. Your data is AES-256 encrypted while stored on our servers, so 100% private and accessible only by you.

Protect your anonymity by using Tor Browser

Protect your anonymity and access Tor network and the Deep Web. Enjoy anonymous surfing with pre-installed Tor Browser.

Best tools for privacy pre-installed

Enjoy the best open source privacy tools. OpenPGP encrypted e-mail with Thunderbird&Enigmail. Encrypted chatting with Pidgin&OTR. Bitcoin wallet Electrum. Password manager KeePassX. Automatic VPN connections. Tor Browser.

Enjoy Benefits of Linux without any Hassle or Installation

Enjoy privacy and security of Linux

Less viruses, less malware. Security and privacy are built-in features. Secure open source software. No backdoors. No Windows blue screens.

Free and open source software

Linux includes everything you could possibly want: internet tools, office software, multimedia, games, cryptographic tools. Linux installer makes it incredibly easy to find, install and remove applications. And it’s safe.

Linux is for everyone

Whether you are business owner, freelancer, beginner, coder, it does not matter. Linux is easy to use and learn. And it is a powerful tool for every purpose.

Reclaim your Privacy in Less than 30 Seconds

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