PrivateOn Desktop – Easiest way to use virtual computer

How it works?

1. Sign up with just an e-mail

Stay anonymous and pay with Bitcoin

  • Choose your favorite desktop and sign up
  • Type your e-mail address and desired login password
  • You can sign up and use your virtual desktop completely anonymously, since we don’t collect any more personal information
  • We accept Bitcoin for anonymous payments.

2. Use your computer

Use your virtual computer as you were in front of it

  • Open any modern browser
  • Login with your credentials and you are ready to go
  • No need to install a client or other software
  • Leaves no trace on the local computer

3. Manage your computer

Easy to manage

  • Start and stop your desktop instance
  • Create backup and shred backup
  • Change disk encryption password and re-encrypt disk
  • Console terminal and resource monitoring

Reclaim your Privacy in Less than 30 Seconds

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