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PrivateOn Desktop explained

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Open source software, more security, no backdoors

We are using open source virtualization software (Proxmox, KVM) instead of proprietary commercial solutions as our back-end software infrastructure. This means no backdoors and more security. Open source clientless remote desktop gateways (Guacamole and noVNC) mean that customers don’t have to install any plugins or separate client software, opposite to commercial solutions (like VMware View or Citrix Xen Desktop).

Open source software and back-end infrastructure

Trusted encryption algorithms and open source software

We use trusted and well-known implementations of open source software for our back-end infrastructure. We use secure open source encryption libraries in order to avoid any built in back doors. We also utilize Linux’s native and transparent encryption methods for full disk encryption.

Secure data centers in EU

Automatic and encrypted back-ups

Our servers are located in the EU, protected with high-quality physical security and disaster prevention systems. Backup servers are located in separate location, minimizing physical risks. User data is protected under Finnish and German privacy laws. You can also shred your back-up data manually, so your data will never be compromised.

Encrypt your own virtual hard drive

Your encrypted data is not accessible to us

We use TLS to secure communication between our server and your computer. When you utilize Linux’s full disk encryption (LUKS), you will do encryption yourself and only you will have encryption keys and password. We won’t have any access to the content of your LUKS encrypted virtual hard drive. This means we cannot hand over your data to third parties. This also means that if you forget your decryption password, we cannot recover your data.

Anonymity and privacy

No tracking or logging of personally identifiable information

We do not save any tracking information. By default, we do not record metadata such as the IP addresses used to log into accounts. To protect user privacy, PrivateOn does not require any personally identifiable information to register. Use bitcoin as a payment method for protect your privacy.

State-of-the-art cryptographic tools

All connections tunneled via Tor or VPN

All our PrivateOn Desktops come with pre-installed tools to protect your data using strong encryption. Tools like OpenPGP for e-mail and files, LUKS for hard drive and data, OTR for instant messaging, Electrum for bitcoins, KeePassX for passwords, Tor browser for anonymous internet.

All internet connections are secure and encrypted. Your IP address and browsing habits remain private and secure. By default, all connections are tunneled via secure VPN service. In addition, you can enjoy the freedom and privacy of Tor network, by using pre-installed Tor browser.

Technical details

Short technical overview

  • Clientless remote desktop gateway based on Guacamole.
  • The desktop is usable with laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Automatic VPN connection for additional privacy – your visible IP changes every 4 hours.
  • Multimedia Desktop enables fast rdp connection that is optimized for video and sound transfer.
  • Professional Desktop includes custom VPN connection using our custom graphical tool.*
  • Re-encrypt and change encryption password with our custom re-encryption tool.*
  • KVM based full virtualization.
  • Extensive control panel with noVNC console.
  • Encrypted full-backup of your desktop to a secure location. You can select to destroy the past backups by shredding the encryption key.

* Our software is open sourced and publicly reviewable

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