PrivateOn Desktop use cases

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What Can You Do with PrivateOn Desktop?

Access your secure virtual computer from anywhere just using a web browser

“PrivateOn Desktop provides fully encrypted, zero-knowledge virtual desktop.
You manage your own encrypted Linux computer from any modern browser.
No technical jargon, no plugins.


Are you a digital nomad?

  • Did you know that in our present world, authorities can seize travellers’ laptops
  • Protect yourself, work and travel without your personal computer
  • PrivateOn Desktop provides encrypted online backup for your important documents and files

Are you a journalist?

  • Utilize pre-installed state-of-the-art privacy and cryptographic tools
  • Keep sensitive documents outside of the office
  • Keep encrypted online backups for the most sensitive data


Are you a privacy concerned consumer?

  • With PrivateOn Desktop, you can view sensitive online content
  • PrivateOn Desktop provides secure browsing of the dark web
  • You will get encrypted online backup for your important documents and files
  • Protect yourself and utilize state-of-the-art privacy and cryptographic tools

Are you a Windows or Mac user and want to try Linux?

  • Did you ever consider switching from Windows to Linux?
  • With PrivateOn Desktop you will get professional and safe Linux desktop environment, right in your own browser
  • No installation, no hassle

“PrivateOn Desktop utilizes state-of-the-art open source operating systems, tools and software.
Your privacy is our priority 

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